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Choosing The Right Saree for a Wedding & Other Occasions

Weddings are momentous occasions as they signify a journey of life-long commitment. Dressing well adds to the solemnity of the occasion and boosts the self-esteem and confidence of a person. Especially for us women, to showcase our clairvoyance,  Kanchipuram silk sarees are the top choice when it comes to choosing a saree for a wedding.

Whether you are looking for a traditional saree for a wedding, bridal saree, a casual saree, contemporary ones on the trend, or a party wear saree online, Kancheepuram VaraMahalakshmi Silks has it all.

Traditional saree for wedding

Weddings carry enormous values and are a reflection of spiritualistic traditions. Kanchipuram silk sarees are the most preferred and appropriate pick in that case. VaraMahalakshmi Silks has the perfect range of Kanchipuram silk sarees for weddings and other occasions suited to your tastes!

The designs are carefully curated to reflect the evolving trends in the fashion world while also carrying traditional spiritualistic themes. Explore the popular traditional sarees for wedding for women.

1.  Kancheepuram Silk Peacock Buttis Sea Green Saree

If you are exploring an elegant saree for weddings for women, then the Kancheepuram Silk Buttis Sea Green saree is a must-try. The lush fabric is perfectly complemented by the sea green base and kaddi border. The buttis add a modern touch to the traditional Kanchipuram silk saree. Complementing the look is the horse’s pallu woven in golden thread to add to the extravagance. This goes perfectly as a bridal saree design as well for other festive occasions.

2. Paithani Silk Red Saree

 Carry yourself in the bright Paithani silk red saree, make a unique style statement, and steal the show for it is a perfect way to reflect your attachment to culture, tradition, and heritage. The peacock motifs speak volumes about the craftsmanship of your choice. The plain pallu and contrasting blouse make it nothing short of a real masterpiece. Compliment the saree with accessories like traditional gold jewellery for a fashionable ensemble.

3. Patola Silk Grey Saree

 Patola silk grey saree for wedding for women has an amazing display of patterns with animal and bird motifs in the traditional Ikkat weave. This makes it appropriate for weddings and special occasions. If you are exploring a traditional Kanchipuram Silk Saree, then the Patola grey silk saree is a unique way to flaunt your fashion sense. Complementing the saree is the beautiful, thin lines with floral-designed pallu. What makes it more attractive is the reversible fabric.

Modern Sarees for wedding

While Kanchipuram silk sarees are known as a traditional, conventional attire, we at VaraMahalakshmi Silks add a flair of modernity to meet the rapidly evolving trends in the fashion world. Here are some of the must-try collections if you love to carry yourself in the traditional-yet-contemporary style.

1. Kanchi Ikat Silk Multi-Colour Saree

 The Kanchipuram Ikat silk saree is a symbol of strength, wisdom, royalty, and grandeur as it carries the powerful elephant on the zari lines. The multi-colour Ikat lines add a modern touch to the saree. The pallu is an extension of the saree and has appealing lines. The blouse contrasts the saree and looks similar to the border.

2. Banarasi Tussar Lavender Saree

Banarasi sarees are a preferred choice for those who are looking for a modern touch to traditional elegance. This one in lavender boasts of intricate floral designs and carries a cow motif throughout the saree. The blouse is an extension of the saree while you can also complement the saree with any silver Banarasi blouse. This is the perfect attire for all wedding occasions, whether you are going to a reception, the muhurtham, or pre-wedding celebrations like nalungu. If you are someone who loves sophistication in being simple, then this lavender banarasi saree is for you.

 3. Banarasi Georgette Mustard Saree

Steal the spotlight and make a striking appearance for the wedding in a mustard georgette saree. The intricate detailing and the lightweight fabric add to the comfort and elegance of your look. With delicate buttis, the georgette saree helps create a perfect blend of modern and traditional appeal while becoming a versatile add-on to your saree wedding collection. With extravagant borders in red, the saree is an appropriate choice for all occasions including weddings, festivals, and so on.

Wrapping Up

No matter, whether you are looking for a traditional saree for wedding, a bridal saree, or a party wear saree online, VaraMahalakshmi Silks has it all. Explore the wide-range of sarees available in different fabrics including silk, soft silk, tussar, georgette, kora, crepe, etc. and pick your favourite for the auspicious occasion!