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Discover Elegant aadi offer sarees online From Kancheepuram VaraMahalakshmi

Aadi marks the month of spiritualistic celebration for the Tamil people. With Aadi Peruku, Aadi Velli, Aadi Kiruthigai, and several other festivities lined up for the month, no better time to flaunt yourself in Kancheepuram saree and make a spiritual statement. To mark the occasion and join the celebration, Kancheepuram Varamahalakshmi Silks offer diverse Kanchipuram Saree collections for this auspicious Aadi season. 

Read the blog to know the festival saree collection and unique Kanchipuram sarees online

Why is Aadi Perukku celebrated?

Aadi is the fourth month of the Tamil calendar. Tamils celebrate Aadi Perukku, on the 18th of this month every year. They regard this as an occasion to welcome the monsoon season and celebrate the rise in water levels in the rivers flowing around. The rituals honour the water bodies in the area. 

Beyond Aadi Perukku, the whole month is regarded as a very spiritualistic time by the pious Tamils. Women clad in traditional pattu saree offer their prayers to Amman every Friday for the whole month. The Aadi Kiruthigai, Aadi Ammavasai, and Aadi Pooram are also celebrated in grandeur. 

To join the celebration, VaraMahalakshmi puts up Aadi offer sarees online and offline with the onset of the auspicious month. Read the blog to know some of the popular festive saree collection and unique Kanchipuram sarees online.

Glow in Yellow for the Auspicious Aadi

Yellow color is considered the most auspicious way to offer prayers to Amman. As traditional pattu sarees are made with intricate designs, zaris, borders, and buttas, they add elegance and are a head-turner. Beyond yellow also marks purity and new beginnings, yellow festive sarees are one of the most sought-after during Aadi sale. 

Aadi Velli with Kancheepuram Silk Mustard Saree

Yellow silk saree with floral buttis, red brocade pallu, and geometrical checks is an epitome of timelessness and elegance.  As you walk, the contrasting colours add a vibrant charm and look to your celebration. This saree holds a special significance for the month of Aadi as red and yellow are considered auspicious for Amman. Aadi Vellis is celebrated to offer prayers to Amman. Is there a better way to celebrate Aadi? The contrasting blouse boosts your appeal at grand weddings and other occasions. 

All Yellow With Kancheepuram Yellow Silk Saree

If you are exploring a traditional pattu saree for Aadi, then the yellow silk saree is a must-try. With the pallu and blouse in yellow color, the border has peacock motifs that add a unique look to the saree. 

Drape Yourself in Timeless Elegance: The Kancheepuram Silk Dream

Orange and green are a sophisticated, classic combination. The floral and leaves jaal saree and border with a contrasting blouse adds a blend of traditional and contemporary appeal to your personality. If you are looking for unique Aadi offer sarees online, this combo is a must try. It is a perfect way to reflect your spiritual attachment with a modern flair. The captivating colour and look make the orange kancheepuram saree ideal for all occasions, whether it is a temple visit, a wedding, or celebrating a festival. Shop anywhere from the comfort of your home with aadi offer sarees online from Kancheepuram VaraMahalakshmi Silks.


As explained, Aadi Perukku is a glorious, spiritual way to honour nature and celebrate its magic. The Kancheepuram Sarees at VaraMahalakshmi Silks are carefully curated, designed, and delivered to showcase the incredible resilience and celebrate the uniqueness of every woman. It has a wide range of Aadi offers sarees online, and no better time to gift yourself or fellow women, fantastic designs for they always deserve the best. 

Celebrate Aadi in style with timeless designs and make a unique statement with Kancheepuram VaraMahalakshmi Silks. Showcase your spiritualistic personality with festival saree collections from Kancheepuram VaraMahalakshmi Silks!