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How to Correctly Store Wedding Sarees Pattu: Preserve the Elegance

Pattu sarees are cherished for their exquisite beauty and intricate craftsmanship, these sarees hold a special place in many wardrobes. Whether it’s the allure of Kancheepuram silks or the softness of Coimbatore weaves, these sarees demand meticulous care for long-term preservation. Proper storage is key to retaining their splendor for generations to come.

Before diving into storage methods, let’s understand the essence of these sarees. Pattu sarees are crafted from pure silk, often embellished with zari work, intricate designs, and vibrant hues. Their delicate fabric requires utmost care to maintain their luster and finesse.

There are Several factors that contribute to the Wedding Pattu Sarees:

Methods :-

Washing silk sarees 

  • Do not wash your silk sarees regularly like your regular clothes. 
  • Silk sarees need to be washed with cold water and extremely mild detergent. They need to be hand washed and brushing them would damage the silk fibres which in turn would affect the quality of your silk. Soaking it in hot water would damage the fibres and fade the colours. Simply soak them in cold water and use detergent only if needed. The best way would be to get them dry cleaned to avoid any external damage. 

Drying silk sarees

  • Drying silk sarees repeatedly can damage the delicate fibers irreversibly. Instead, air-dry them naturally in a shaded area to preserve their quality.

Storing silk sarees

  • A high level of humidity can result in mold, while high levels of moisture can cause discoloration of fabrics. Storing pattu sarees in a dry and well-ventilated area helps prevent these issues.
  • Long-term exposure to sunlight can fade colors and weaken fabrics. Keep the sarees away from direct sunlight when storing them.
  • It is important to fold properly in order to prevent creases and wrinkles. Fold sarees along the length to minimize stress on the fabric.
  • Protect your sarees from dust and insects by covering them with muslin cloth or acid-free tissue paper before storing.
  • Place neem leaves or naphthalene balls wrapped in the cotton fabric while storing your silk sarees. It keeps the moths away. 
  •   If you are hanging the sarees on a hanger, avoid metal hangers. The rust settles on the saree. 

Methods to maintain the Elegance of Pattu Sarees.

  • Opt for cotton saree bags or breathable storage boxes to allow air circulation, preventing musty odors and moisture buildup.
  • Must hang sarees vertically on padded hangers to avoid creasing. Also, ensure if the hangers are sturdy and wider enough to support the saree.
  • Do not use Plastic Covers as it may trap moisture, which leads to fabric damage. It is always advisable to steer clear of plastic when storing silk sarees.
  • Regular Air your silk sarees. Shake them gently and unfold them to allow fresh air circulation, to prevent any damage. 

Take care of your silk sarees regularly

Keep on changing the folds of the saree every now and then. If you fail to do so, the marks would be imprinted and there can be damage to silk yarns. Frequently adjust the foldings of the saree in order to allow the fabric to breathe.

If your silk sarees are intricately embroidered or have zari work, choose net linings. Place them on the work and fold the saree inwards. This would prevent your work from detangling and remain intact. 

Preserving the elegance of Wedding Pattu Sarees demands precise and attentive care. By regulating humidity levels, shielding from light exposure, employing correct folding and hanging methods, and adopting optimal storage solutions, you can safeguard these heirlooms for future generations.

Remember, the affection and dedication you invest in preserving your Pattu sarees ensure their timeless grace endures, perfect for adorning special occasions for years to come. Discover the finest Pattu sarees at Kancheepuram Varamahalakshmi Silks – a haven of the purest Kancheepuram silks.