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The Perfect Summer Saree fabrics! Lightweight and Breathable

Summers are a time when one prefers easy, light and breathable clothes to wear. With the sun soaring high and the mercury crossing its limits, wearing clothes which deflect the sunlight and are lightweight are the best to wear.

If you’re looking for summer fabrics which are perfect and breathable, we list down some great options for you to choose from.

Chanderis Saree

chanderi sarees


Extremely lightweight and easy to carry, Chanderi sarees are one of the best pick in summers. Durable fabric, easy to breathe and extremely light, Chanderi sarees are the perfect pick. The fineness of Chanderi can be seen in the Chanderi Muslins which the Mughal princesses and queens owned. Chanderi sarees are in huge demand in the West Bengal market and Madhya Pradesh region in India.

Tussars  Saree

tussar sarees
Tussar sarees, lightweight and chic, are best opted for summers. Because of their sheer material and breathable fabric, they can be worn daily in summers.

Cottons Saree

cutton sarees


Without any doubt, cotton sarees are the best and ideal pick for your summer season! The breathable and natural fabric of cotton sarees helps in easy absorption of sweat and enhances precipitation.

Linen Saree


Linen sarees are one of the best and most comfortable weaves during summer season. Be it party-wear, festive-wear or office-wear, linen sarees are the best wear for summers.

Khadi Sarees


A highly strong and luxurious fabric, Khadi sarees can be one of the best options for summer picks. Their natural, extremely lightweight, breathable and absorbent nature makes them the coolest choice for hot summers.

Chiffon Sarees


Light, airy and translucent, Chiffon sarees are the ideal choice for hot summers. With colours like blues, yellows, greens, whites and other light shades, Chiffon sarees are the best option to choose in the rising weather.

Georgette Sarres


Chic, airy, lightweight and breathable, Georgette sarees are the best pick for the sultry summers.

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