Brighten up your Haldi with these exquisite Yellow-Shaded Drapes!


The most fun part of all the pre-wedding festivities is the first ceremony – Haldi! The enjoyment you have during your Haldi ceremony is of a different, goofy kind!

Haldi Paste 

Haldi, which is commonly found in powder form in every household, is a natural remedy that gives the face a shine and cleanses any signs of blackheads and dust, giving both the bride and groom the wedding glow. It is also anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-stressor.

The Haldi ceremony is held either the day before or the morning of the wedding at the bride and groom’s respective homes. The haldi paste is made by mixing haldi powder, rose water or normal water, and sandalwood powder. In a fun-filled ceremony, the bride and groom are treated with Haldi paste on their faces, legs, and hands.

The Haldi ceremony marks the beginning of the main wedding ceremony.

Haldi Ritual

The bride and groom, clad in traditional saree and kurta-pyjama, have their loved ones apply Haldi paste on their bodies. Members of the family apply Haldi on both the bride and groom and bless them while also cleansing them.

Sarees to opt for your Haldi ceremony

Both the bride and groom usually opt for yellow-coloured clothes for their fun-filled Haldi ceremony, as it matches the colour of turmeric and also gives off a glow. 

We list down some Haldi sarees or some yellow sarees for Haldi to make your Haldi function more exciting!

Kanchi Pattu Sarees

Kanchipattu Sarees for Haldi

One can never go wrong with authentic Kanchipattu sarees when it comes to weddings. Be it the fun Haldi, the peppy Reception, or the main Muhurtam, Kanchipattu sarees always make you look elegant and luxurious.

Organza Sarees

Organza Sarees

Lightweight yet elegant, Organza sarees are your perfect pick for any occasion. With paper-like fabric, Organza sarees are sure to make your look party-ready for the Haldi ceremony!

Chanderi Sarees

Chanderi Sarees for Haldi

Elegant, classic and simple, Chanderi sarees make you look exquisitely gorgeous on every occasion. This time, for your friend’s Haldi ceremony, opt for a timeless Chanderi saree and flaunt your style!

Gadwal Pattu Sarees 


Gadwal sarees might look too heavy and traditional for the Haldi ceremony, but they are the best pick! They make you look regal and traditional while also giving off the party or fun look you want! Drape it like a waterdrop pallu or pin it up, Gadwal sarees will always look gorgeous!

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