5 Ways to Style Your Silk Sarees for Different Occasions


Silk sarees are the best outfit to pick for any occasion. Be it a festival, puja, party or wedding, silk sarees give you the most royal and luxurious look.

From pretty  Chanderi Silks to heavy Banarasi Silks, from opulent Tussar Silks to magnificent Kanchipattu Silks, silk saree makes you look simple yet grand on any occasion.

Silk Sarees to opt for Big Occasions

Kanchipattu Silks


Elegant and luxurious, Kanchipattu sarees come in different designs with floral and leaves motifs and make for the best pick for any occasion as they give you a very royal look!

Banarasi Silks


Heavy, opulent and mesmerising, Banarasi Silk sarees are the perfect kind of sarees to pick for your special occasions. With intricate designs and gorgeous colours, Banarasi Silks make you look extremely regal!

Chanderi Silks


Feather-like and lightweight, Chanderi Silks are eye-catchy but simple yet subtle. With a variety of motifs on the body and pattu borders, Chanderi Silks are easy to carry and make you look pretty as always!

Tussar Silks


Tussar Silks, sarees that are royal yet stylish and chic, are the best pick for your occasions! Lightweight, chic and beautiful, Tussar Silk sarees make you look elegantly gorgeous.

Ways to Style your Silk Sarees

You can style your silk sarees by accessorizing them with your favorite accessories. Some accessories that you can use to style your silk sarees:


Belts give a unique and stylish look to your silk sarees. They make a routine look stylish, chic yet gorgeous!


Statement necklaces with your silk sarees raise the bar of your style a little higher! Chokers, long or short necklaces, pair any type of necklaces with your silk saree and look royal yet stylish!


Someone rightly said that a woman’s best friend is bangles. Multi-coloured, single-coloured or dual-shaded, bangles give you a completely traditional look and match well with your silk sarees.


Small, big or medium-sized, jhumkis go really well with any type of sarees, but especially silk sarees. Whether they are gold-shaded, silver-shaded or multi-coloured, jhumkis are always the perfect pick with your silk sarees.

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