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A New Saree Destination Unveils at 100 ft Road: VaraMahalakshmi Silks

The choice of location is strategic, placing the store in the heart of a vibrant shopping district. 100 ft Road, known for its eclectic mix of stores, eateries, and bustling atmosphere, is now home to a saree haven that promises an unmatched shopping experience. This accessibility makes it easier for everyone, from brides-to-be planning their wedding trousseau to casual saree lovers, to explore and indulge in the wide variety of sarees offered.
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In an event that was as grand as the sarees it celebrated, VaraMahalakshmi Silks opened its latest store on the bustling 100 ft Road, marking a new chapter for saree enthusiasts. The highlight of the occasion? None other than the dazzling Shruthi Hasan, the brand’s esteemed ambassador, whose presence added an extra layer of charm to the already festive atmosphere.

As a symbol of modern grace and timeless beauty, Shruthi perfectly embodies the essence of VaraMahalakshmi Silks. Her love for traditional attire, particularly sarees, resonates with the brand’s commitment to craftsmanship and quality. The event not only celebrated the opening of the new store but also highlighted the deep-rooted culture and heritage that every VaraMahalakshmi saree carries.

The new store at the 100 ft location is a dream come true for saree enthusiasts. Housing an exquisite collection that spans across Kanchipuram sarees for brides, majestic Kanjivaram sarees for weddings, the timeless elegance of Banarasi sarees, the delicate charm of tissue Paithani sarees, the sheer beauty of Chanderi sarees, and the distinctive allure of Ikkat silk sarees, it’s a one-stop destination for all your saree needs.

Whether you’re drawn to the opulence of a Kanjivaram, the timeless elegance of a Banarasi, or the unique patterns of an Ikkat silk saree, the new store has something special for every taste and occasion.

The opening of VaraMahalakshmi Silks at the 100 ft location, graced by Shruthi Hasan, is a testament to the brand’s growing legacy and its commitment to bringing the best of traditional sarees to the modern woman. Here’s to new beginnings, draped in the elegance of a saree from VaraMahalakshmi Silks.

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