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Spiritual, Mental & Beauty tips for bride-to-be

As you excitedly prepare for your wedding, we have got some tips for you that will help you on physical, mental and spiritual levels, also with a little emphasis on the rituals and the reason behind it.


  • The Haldi Ceremony

Applying haldi over your skin not only improves the skin complexion, but also makes your skin glow. Not just that, as the summer season has already started, you might get sun tanned as you shop outside for your wedding. So, applying turmeric, besan and chandan on daily basis will help you in this regard

Wedding Haldi

  • Having Sathvik Diet

Who doesn’t want to have flawless skin for their wedding? Having food that is less spicy and completely avoiding or minimising the intake of non-vegetarian food, and including fruits in good quantities help reduce the body heat which is believed to be the primary cause of skin issues.


  • Exercising or Yoga

Spending 20-30 minutes a day on exercise or yoga, not only helps to get you in good shape, it will also help reduce stress and anxiety as it releases the happy hormones like dopamine.




As you go through the anxiety of embarking on a new and the most important chapter of your life, we’ve got some tips that help you balance your mental health.

  • Gowri Pooja

It is our tradition to worship Goddess Parvathi before the wedding seeking blessings for a harmonious wedding union. Even the Great Sage Shuka mentions in Bhagavat Purana Chapter 2 that for marital bliss, one should worship Goddess Parvathi. So, you can start reciting Uma – Maheshwara Stotra (by Adi Shankaracharya) for 21 or 43 days before your wedding to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati for a happy married life.

  • Meditation/Breathing Exercises

We’re sure you heard this saying ‘Face is the index of mind’, which means if you are happy and calm mentally, the serenity reflects on your face. Breathing exercises help you in this regard by making your mind calm, thereby giving you a face that radiates a divine and happy glow.

  • Mold your mind

Prepare your mind for a new beginning with a new place & new people. Let go of your past & tune your mind to an exciting future with your going to be in-law family. 


Spirituality is the fuel in the vehicle of life. Even if a car is in a very good physical condition, it is of no use if there’s no fuel. So, to balance this aspect, we’ve got some amazing tips that will help you in this regard as you embark on the beautiful journey of your life.

  • Listening/Reading the Spiritual Teachings

This sacred land has produced the greatest spiritual masters of all time. You can explore the writings of Gurus like Adi Shankaracharya, Osho, Swami Shivananda or contemporary writers like Om Swami, Gaur Gopal Das etc. Life’s Amazing Secrets by Gaur Gopal Das or A Monk’s Memoir by Om Swami will be a good start if you are new to spirituality.

  1. Chanting and Reciting Vedic Chants

    Chanting various vedic mantras and chants acn help the brain calm down and send positive signals in the nervous system. Reciting Sanskrit mantras have a direct effect on the blood flow and chakra alignment of a human body. Reciting OM can drastically impact in reducing anxiety issues and bring positivity in the mind. 

  • Om chanting and mantra chantings

On your bridal journey with spiritual empowerment, amidst the flurry of wedding preparations, take time to connect with your inner self through the ancient practice of Om chanting and mantra recitations. These sacred sounds resonate deeply, offering solace and strength during this transformative phase. Incorporate them into your daily routine for tranquility and focus. As you prepare to step into a new chapter of your life, let these spiritual practices guide you with grace and mindfulness. Embrace the serenity within as you embark on this beautiful journey of love and union.


It’s simple to become preoccupied with the details of wedding planning and neglect to take care of your emotional health in the chaos. Here are some incredible suggestions for soon-to-be brides who want to put emotional self-care first.

Spending Time with Friends and Family: 

Make time to spend with your loved ones even in the middle of craziness. Recall happy times past, laugh together, and feel their warmth and support.

Making Time to Visit Your Preferred Locations: 

Make time to visit locations that make you feel better, whether it’s a beautiful location, a pleasant café, or a tranquil park. These peaceful moments in familiar surroundings or in the middle of nature can revitalize your spirit.


Taking Part in Self-Care Rituals: 

Indulge in sensual pampering sessions for yourself. Prioritize the things that make you happy and relaxed, whether it’s taking a bubble bath, getting a soothing massage, or engaging in your favorite pastime.


Writing Down Your Thoughts and Emotions: 

When you journal, you can let everything out on paper. As you travel this changing path toward marriage, consider your feelings, aspirations, and hopes.

Using Mindfulness and Meditation: 

By using mindfulness and meditation, you may establish a solid foundation in the here and now. In the middle of the chaos of wedding planning, practice inner calm and clarity.

Recall that it is crucial to look after your emotional health even in the middle of the excitement surrounding your wedding preparations. Making emotional fulfilment and self-care a priority can help you start your marriage with a happy and radiant attitude.