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Style your Luxurious Pattu sarees with these accessories to be the chic bride!


Style your Luxurious Pattu sarees with these accessories to be the chic bride!
Weddings have always been a lavish affair in India. In ancient times, the bride and her looks used to be traditional, but never conventional. But nowadays, brides have become completely conventional. Styling sarees with shoes, ditching gold jewellery, keeping it minimalistic, etc. have now become a very classy yet traditional trend.

Today’s brides are also bringing back the trend of wearing traditional and luxurious Kanchi pattu sarees for their weddings. Bright reds, scintillating greens, mesmerising creams, royal blue hues, and other exemplary hues are getting back into the trend.

Some pattu sarees that you can opt for your wedding:

Kanchipattu sarees

Traditional motifs, divine colours, customary designs, and exquisite looks – Kanchipattu sarees are the best pick for your big day! These lavish sarees with golden threads and intricately woven traditional designs make for the perfect pick!


banarasi sarees

Originating in the holy city of Varanasi, Banarasi sarees are one of the finest drapes available in India. The sarees are woven with fine mulberry silk and have intricate designs of Zari buttis on the body of the sarees, which make them heavy yet luxurious.


gadwal sarees

Woven in Telangana’s Jogulamba Gadwal district, Gadwal sarees are heavy, luxurious, drop-dead gorgeous, and perfect to pick for your special occasion. These sarees are pure and handcrafted woven, notable for the Zari work on the drape.



Rich, luxurious, and regal, Venkatagiri sarees come in a diverse range of colours and enticing designs with royal work on the body of the saree.

Accessories to style your Kanchipattu Saree

Choker or necklace

Pattu sarees are heavy and luxurious-looking drapes. So, styling them with extra accessories or overaccessorizing your pattu saree might make you look clumsy or heavy. The best option in these cases is to choose a light choker or one-two-line necklace to style.


Contemporary jewellery might look elegant with your pattu sarees, but what makes you stand out from the crowd are traditional, gold jhumkis! Pair your pattu saree with bright, shiny, big, and gold jhumkis with intricate designs on them to look gorgeously splendid!


Of course, a bride can never miss her bangles! A shining and beautiful set of bangles, matching colour with your saree, makes you look elegant and exquisite on your big day!


The very essence of silk, or pattu saree, is gajras. Add the gajra to your hair bun, or tuck it with a clip in your open hair; gajras will always make you look more traditional and make you stand out of the crowd!


A small black bindi to go with your saree and also keep you away from evil eyes—isn’t it great? Plain bindis instead of the studded or designed ones make for a simple yet elegant look!

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